Shipping Policy


The Orders are packed and shipped individually from our warehouse located in China, If you need delivery within Unite state, Canada, or Australia, full orders or Part of the order may be filled by our local WoArchery partners or our Local warehouse to accommodate faster delivery times. This does not add any additional cost to your purchase.


We usually pack and ship your order within 2~7 business day when we received your order, but delays may occur. Orders are shipped through UPS or Fedex,DHL, and the delivery time will depend on the country of destination. whenever possible we will send packages to a delivery point, close to your specified address first, if this is not possible we will send the package to you specified home address.


WoArchery cannot be held liable for these charges, nor can we determine the cost to these charges in advance. Please contact your local customs office for this information. If customs refuses or returns the package for any reason, WoArchery reserves the right to charge you for all subsequent shipping charges. If the parcel is denied or returned by your local customs, the amount of the order will be refunded.


To find your countries shipping rate, simply choose your country in the Bag of holding (Cart) the shipping rate for the chosen country will then be shown in the lower corner of the screen, underneath the total price for any wares you may have in your bag of holding (Cart) at this time.

Please note, that you can get free shipping, if your bag of holding reaches a specific threshold, which is different for each country.


There are days of the year where we are unable to ship your order. During these periods there may be a longer shipping and subsequent delivery time. This is usually due to national holidays. Do note that there might be other times where we are unable to ship your orders within our stated timeframe, if this happens you will be notified immidiately.