High Speed Safety Foam Arrow

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This High Speed Safety Foam Arrow is perfect for archery tag games!

Its foam design offers a secure way to hit the target while keeping everyone safe.

Make the most out of any game and have a blast with this arrow!

High speed SAFE archery arrow what is have the latest fletching innovation that gives you quality and durability you with the convenience you need.

Flexible molded fletch sleeve that you simply slide onto the arrow shaft and lock in place with a little glue to secure to the shaft. Not easy damaged compare the separate feathers, will easy for replacement with any equipment.

The high grade Epoxy glass resin shaft(Carbon and resin components) what is very flexible and strong. In addition,this is the Shatter proof materials and it can provides maximum accuracy when you shooting.

Most of all, when it broken, it would not be easily split into several pieces.

The highly elastic plastics inside the foam head increase the arrow's lifetime and guarantee lasting safety.

CE & ASTM Certification Approved
Length (total): approx. 850 mm (34.6 inch)
Fiberglass shaft: 7mm Hollow   
Weight of the product: approx. 58 g
Hardness of Foam tipped: 25 A shore

More than 50 m striking distance @ 30 lbs x 28” draw weight
More than 35 m striking distance @ 25 lbs x 28” draw weight

Important : The Larp arrow custom designed by our team to ensure safety, provided they are used exclusively with our low poundage (28 lbs.) bows.
Trying to use these arrows with any heavier bow could be dangerous!

Amazing round tipped archery arrow and popular for all glocal recreatoional,combat archery tag games.