WoArchery Low Speed Screwed Foam Safe Arrow

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The Low Speed Screwed Foam Safe Arrow adds a unique twist to any archery tag or LARP game. Crafted with precision and precision-engineered, this arrow features a screwed foam safe design specifically engineered for providing enhanced safety to you and your friends while playing. An exclusive addition to any archery enthusiast's collection, its luxurious finishing and exclusive build make it the perfect companion for any game of skill.

The highly quality plastics screw part.
Softer foam tip part which around 25 A Shore density.

Easy installation -just screw-in.

Highly elastic plastic nock with great round shape design which more safe when the arrow rebound, the nock also available for replace.

Ideal For archery sport game /Combat Archery/ Larp Archery Game  

Length (total): approx. 87 CM (34 inch)
Diameter of Foam Tip: 60mm 
Shaft Material: O.D:7 mm/I.D 5mm Hollow Epoxy glass resin shaft
Weight for per arrow :60 gram 

More than 50 m striking distance @ 30 lbs x 28” draw weight 
More than 35 m striking distance @ 25 lbs x 28” draw weight

Important : The Larp arrow custom designed by our team to ensure safety, provided they are used exclusively with our low poundage (28 lbs.) bows. Trying to use these arrows with any heavier bow could be dangerous!