Safe Round Repalcement Nock For LARP Arrows ( Pack of 12PCS)

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Make your arrows fly safe and sound with these 12PCS of Safe Repalcement Nocks! Perfect for arrows used in combat LARP, these nocks provide a reliable fit and release that can take your arrows to the next level. So lock ‘n load – we've got your back!


Made of durable,resistant plastic solid material. 

Fit well for all the WOARCHERY Arrows Inner dimater : 0.1968" / 5mm

Please check the size of nock see if it is fit well your shaft, as This nock is customized designed use for Woarchery arrow Shaft.

Easy to install, Just Insert into ID.5mm Arrow Shafts , You even not necessary to use the glue on it.


Weight: 2gram /units

Inner diameter: 5MM

Color: White

Package Includes: One box includes 12PCS nocks.